The Dragon's Nest Story

Written & illustrated by Martin Seim

There once was a land of magic and wonder.  There were birds and frogs and bugs and people just like now, but there was so much more!  Trolls lurked in dark caves and shadows.  Griffins filled the skies with their eagleís wings.  Wizards cast fearsome spells.  Unmentionable beasts roamed the land.  And of course, there were also Dragons.

This is the story of one particular Dragon family, who lived in a large forest, with glittering pools of light spaced between huge dense sections of the most awe-inspiring trees.  It was a fabulous forest filled with life and mystery.

The Dragon couple had waited a long time for their nest to be blessed with an egg.  In fact, they had just about given up hope.  But one spring, during that wonderful time of awakening, birth, new beginnings and celebration, it happened.  The Dragon Lady laid an egg!  It was beautiful.  It was huge.  It was speckled.  A perfect

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