The Dragon's Nest

Dragon’s egg in every respect.

The Dragon Lady was so happy.  She wanted to jump and dance all the time.  She smiled, she laughed, and she curled herself around the nest and lovingly watched over the egg.  It took a long time, but she didn’t mind.  She knew that her egg would hatch when it was ready.  Dragon eggs always hatch on time.

The Dragon Lord was very proud of his Lady and their egg.  He let her fuss and fidget over the nest while he busied himself with preparations.  Things needed to be done.  “Dear, it’s time for me to expand the nest.  I want to find some twigs and sticks that are just right,” and off he would go.  Later he might say, “My dearest, we will need lots more food,” and off he would go again searching for some goodies to stockpile.  And then he might say, “My scaly beauty, I have to contact the neighbors,” and once again he would tramp off into the wood.  In fact, the Dragon Lord fussed and fidgeted in his way just as much as the Dragon Lady did her way.

The Dragons arranged for a birthday party.  Everything had to be ready.  For a dragon who is not welcomed out of its egg and into the world with love and celebrations is sure to turn mean as he grows older.

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