The Dragon's Nest

When the time came, everything was ready.  All of the creatures gathered near the nest to wait and watch.  It was so exciting.  The Dragon Lady and the Dragon Lord were a little nervous, but every creature was so encouraging that they knew everything would go well.  The rabbits were there as well as the deer, foxes, raccoons and frogs.  There were mice, beavers, snakes and bats.  There were birds, snails, bobcats and wolves.  There was a Nisse from the North, two Griffins, a Wizard, and one huge royal bear.  It was a happy gathering.

“Oh!  I hope it comes out soon,” twittered one of the birds.  A raccoon calmly replied, “Silly bird, these things take time.”  And so it did.  The animals and creatures all chatted about this and that as they waited.  One group discussed the hard winter they had all gone through, while another solved problems of the world, while yet another group giggled about that cute bear that had recently moved into the neighborhood.

The egg started to crack in late afternoon.  Then it moved a bit in the nest.  It cracked some more.  Then shifted again.  The anticipation was tremendous.  The guests all moved in closer.  None of them wanted to miss the great moment.  Suddenly the top of the egg cracked off and up popped the head of the cutest baby any of them had ever seen.


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